30 December 2011

shoe lusting

So im not usually a fan of the stiletto. Mainly because I can't walk for my life in them...
but I do appreciate the lovely shape; and thanks to Alex (wang) and Celine they have deffs been growing on me - fast.
So how could I not loose my shit when I saw these Giuseppe's? complete with ankle strap and metal plating detail in that oh so sleek no nonsense shape?
gee i wish i had a spare $800... 
I guess my bank account is thanking me that shop bob has sold out of the nude ones.
they do however have an almost-as-enticing alternative  in the form of black satin... 
but the metal plating just does it for me. Im such a sucker for shiney things I guess?

anyways, if you unlike me are loaded get them here  (and lend them to me sometime?)

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