27 December 2011

party at my crib

hope you all had a very Merry Christmas and not to much family bickering.. and that your enjoying the party season.
i cannot believe that the new year is only a few days away. gosh did 2011 fly!

The new year will hold some exciting things for SO.
namely- were aiming to become regular stallholders at kirribilli and bondi markets.
I will get my ass into gear and blog more, and our much anticipated and very long overdue "fast forward" collection will finally be purchasable in the webstore... if i dont keep stealing pieces for my own personal use... haha.
I could give you some elaborate excuse as to why we have been so fleeting, but the truth is.. its just we've been plain old boring busy! with me moving, and Bec all beach ball smuggling whilst raising an almost 2 year old.. things have been slower than anticipated and trying to organise shit in december is just impossible with everyone's sudden extra curriculars, social outings, family does and work demands end of year madness i tell you!
so enough with the resolutions and excuses, we have a whole year ahead to become more miranda kerr like, so enjoy the last few days of 2011 and head to the store to maxx out your cc one last time before vowing to be a better shopper. 
as we're about to welcome the newest member to the stylists own team any day now,
(Bec is literally about to pop and when she does the webstore will close for a couple of days)
soo if there's anything you've been eying off... grab it now!
now, back to pouring over cute outfits for my newest niece - bonds has seriously upped the game of cute simple basics, those courdroy overalls!? amazing!
im a little saddened that im not getting a nephew and i'm banned from giving her "boy colours" but the simple pinks are actually cute not sickeningly ott like a lot of baby clothes are.
maybe i should start baby cloth designing.... leo would look perfect on a onesie.
also, vivienne westwood x mini mellissa? i died.

images: bonds website, pumpkin patch, hipster babies,  + google images.

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