30 December 2011

work it.

it just occurred to me that i hadn't checked the bible (FGR) in a couple days so when i did, 
and was greeted with the kloss pulling some seriously hot moves for the latest issue of vogue nippon - i just had to share.
Granted Hedi is a photographic genius.. and anything he takes a photo of- its just a given that its going to be amazing. but kloss is seriously killing it of late. i'm digging it.
(*please note my model "crushes/ obsessions" are not to be taken literally or in a lesbian way at all...not that i'm against lesbianism.. i mean I'd totally turn for Freja if she was all,  'wanna make out?') 
anyway, these images make me cringe in shame -
and want to run to my gym and work my butt off... and grow, you know.. another couple inches.

images: fashion gone rogue (Karlie Kloss for /Vogue Nippon Feb 2012)

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  1. Agreeing with every single above comment! Hedi is phenomenal. Great blog.

    Rach x

  2. oh i know right!
    (I'm going through a huge kloss obsession phase, but Hedi is photo-god. who else can make a semi blurry black and white picture of anything - an instant drag drop (save to desktop "inspiration folder")?

    ps. wonderful tumblr.
    what i would do to get my hands on a pair of Isabel Marrant Gavas.


  3. Totally agree with your comments - I have had a girl crush on Kloss too for a while now. She is simply stunning, this latest shoot is AMAZING.

    Gorgeous Blog. x