9 May 2013

Met Gala - worst dressed

Ok so I get it,
Met gala = edgy couture fashion.
( theme "PUNK: Chaos to Couture" )

But seriously… some of these outfits?
c'mmon the stylists can do better than this right?
what about early guiltier? those safety pin dresses were amaze. or the late genius mcqueen?

In my opinion, seriously apart from a few that got it right,
the worst dressed list far outweighs the best dressed.

Kimmy k. here's looking at you babe - next time don't copy cat Mrs Doubtfire.
(I feel sorry for her, I swear its only a matter of time before Kanye ditches her - for a white girl)

There's probably more people I could have dissed or mentioned.
but honestly, I just got bored. 
so without further adieu, the what were they thinking, the bad, the ugly, and the put it away.

Heidi Klum
wearing - too much fake tan
just imagine the spray tan stains on the gown.. 
which is pretty in your usual ball gown way but hardly punk.

Coco Rocha
umm WTF? 
someone just got trigger happy with her hot gluegun
and fresh plucked chicken feathers... 
shes really gone to town on the cheesy sex-den-of-a-male-gigalo.
bedspread dress.

Rosie Huntington whitely
looked like a collectors edition evening wear barbie.
which is not necessarily a bad thing,
but the olive oil colour is really not doing it for me.
and the dress looks like it was practically designed for a nip slip.

Kate Upton
wearing - something that doesn't look very couture.
girl has got a rack and a half and should be in something strapless.

Anja Rubik.
wearing  - Eddie Murphys suit from delirious.
Eddie called and asked for it back.

Ashley Olsen
wearing - traditional hare krishna resort chant line.
did i miss something?
has my second favorite olsen joined a cult?

Mary Kate Olsen
wearing - a dressing gown
she looks like she has reverted back to her whackness days.
and don't get me wrong, i love the whackness.
but there's deffs a screw loose up in there.

Elle Fanning
wearing  - a primary school arts and craft project.
seriously, tie-died pillow case?
i guess she is still a little kid.

Carey Mulligan
wearing - blah.
actually I don't even know why I included her.
Beyonce's dress was far worse.

Lily Collins
wearing - High school drama departments costume for the wicked witch
tooooo much fabric, embellishment, probably velveteen.

Emmy Rossum
shes about the only person 
who looks better as a poor ass white girl yelling at kids.
seriously. jeans and a t shirt girl.

Nicole Richie.
channeling grandma Richie with her lilac rinse and doiley dress.
no but seriously, she looks black...
bad hair choice.

Kirsten Stewart
looks like she has a front bum.
bad seam work. not loving the red eye makeup either.
but maybe she had to cover up all the red blotchyness from her
crying because Rob finally dumped her cheating ass.
i just cant get over the front bum though.

Ashley Greene
wearing - some frumpy gown Adelle might wear.
also ash and heidi must go to the same spray tan place. 

Jessica Beil 
Is she expecting or something? baby JTs?
why else is she wearing 
the pregnant mummy go-to get up of tights under a dress?

Katy Perry
how did she think this was a good idea?

Florence Welch
always looks the same.

 Elizabeth Banks
forgot her pants

Kirsten Dunst
I love kirsten, but the pose, the feathers,
the dress neckline cut and holywood taped to death tits.
ugh just not flattering.

Kanye and Kim
laughing stock of the innernet.
side note, kanye needs a tie or bow tie, or to unbutton the collar.
or to smile. 

Anne Hathaway
blonde crop, really?
Stop trying so hard to break the goody too shoes mold.

Miley Cirus
snickker * cough * nice hair miley

Gisele Bundchen
yawn. so 2007.
and come on really.
 \m/         \m/

Gwyneth Paltrow
wow, hot pink satin is never a good choice.
especially long sleeve floor length.
she should know better.

Cameron Diaz
looks as though shes payed a visit to Draco malfoys hair stylists
I do like the stella dress and spikey belt though,
but maybe not in bright blue with piss blonde hair.

January Jones
does not look like January Jones.
i hate the dress, the shoe the hair
and for goodness sake can everyone stop doing black swan eye makeup?

Anna Wintour
actually cracked a smile
and looks good for her age,
but her dress still reminds me of a plastic tablecloth cover your get at a $2 shop.

Gwen Stefani
she usually gets it so right and looks so hot.
and you'd think with the theme she would have nailed it
but this is just not doing it for me..

 Sarah Jessica Parker
looking as horsey as ever.
seriously, Mohawk headdress?
 and don't even get me started on the weird ass shoes.

Put your smelly old box away!
no one needs to see this. 
uggh. i'd be so embarrassed if I were her kids!

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