9 May 2013

met gala 2013 - best dressed

now for the best and er... better dressed

Sienna Miller
The girl has got fashion DNA
Burberry biker barbie does fancy 
I love it. the hair, dress, jacket. 

Cara Delevingene
She nails it every time in her kooky way
though I have to admit,
After this past show season, I'm almost sick of her.
Loving the spiked Burberry gown though - Bailey's on a roll!
maybe a little too jenny humphrey on the eyes...?

Emma Watson 
Just the right amount of abs, cutaway and cuteness.
Don't know about the shoes. but whatever.
Hermoine who?

Stacy Keibler 
Clooney does have an eye for babes.
She could have done her hair though.

Miranda Kerr.
I don't really like the dress to be honest.
But Miranda Kerr always looks so god damn glowing, happy
and ridiculously good looking in anything she wears,
that maybe even if her and kimmy k 
did an outfit switcheroo she would still be on the best dressed. 

Jessica Alba
Hot mama, hot dress.

Blake Lively 
Dress, meh. Blake always just looks like an oscar statuette.
showing off her hard toned body in a fitted dress
can someone give me the her goddamn genes and trainer? 
and maybe a long term loan of her husband too perhaps?

Chloe Sevigney
she always looks bored or high...
but she can pull off a lot of weird stuff.
not sure about the turban, but in terms of all the bad hair at this years gala.
she 'aint no Sarah Jessica Parker.

Dakota Fanning. 
Nice to see her better dressed than her sister for once!
I really hope she doesn't take a note out of Lindsay Loans book on how to be a has been.
Taylor Swift. 
Looking every bit the ice queen thesedays. country who?
girls smokin'
who cares if shes the female John Mayer of dating.

Kate Bosworth.
I'm not sure about the colour,
but at least some one else wore a mini (other than madge)
and gave Kiebler a run for her money in the pins department.
I'm biased though, kate Bos can do no fashion wrong.

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