31 January 2013


So by now, its definitely no secret that I have a dirty little internet addiction to buzz feed.
(remember the glamor shots? how bout those whacky shoes)

And of course my never ending highschool crush on Leonardo DiCaprio
(but c'mon what 20something year old girl thats seen Romeo+Juliet or Titanic doesn't)

Sooo when I came across this post relating to Leo during his strange posing hay days of the 90s
I just had to share.

and of course in celebration of the dedication post to Leo
and of how good Django Unchained is. 
I've decided to be super generous and put everything in the "stylists own picks"
at 50% off until 2/2/13 (note you must be logged in to view the discounted prices)
Thank me later ;)

Bevis and butt head the movie?

LD: "growing boy, need milk"

LD: "mummmmm, we're out of milk"

the godfather. (or father of all your children - in your dreams)

LD: I really dig Bradd Pitts work, so I thought id channel his look in interview with the vampire. whaddya think? the chap stick is strawberry - its to die for.

LD: No homo. but i can deep throat an icecream.

Amish?  scarecrow from wizzard of Oz? farmer wants a wife?

Mood ring and lip gloss. wait sorry are you a 12 year old girl?

I really really want a zigga ziggg Ahhhh (scary spice. what have you done with Leo?)

i don't understand the mid drift thing. did guys show mid drifts in the 90s? i thought it was just me that made sure all my tops were at least 30cm too short.

hahahaha these sunglasses. oh these sunglasses.

Name: Leonardo DiCaprio, Likes; S&M casual wear, hair wax, my abs, striking serious faces to show i'm much deeper than my pretty boy appearance and killer smile. add me on facebook.

LD: Hey, guys... not sure if you saw it yet. but heres a pic of my belly again. Lolz, xoxo L.

babyshake? coffee with a straw? .

Mary Poppins is my fave movie.  LD:  Really? meeeee Tooo.

Yo Mark (whalberg) whatch your back.

Get wet, the new fragrance from CK. shoes optional.

Imagine being the art director or photographer of this shoot, and thinking that this was such a brilliant idea. ps. no you hang up first.

part time Goff.

nice pants, are they vintage?

that necklace. the piss blonde peroxide job.. and that "im so baked right now" glaze.

sooo deep man. so many emotions.

deeper still. shes my bff.

again, the art/photography direction of fashion shoots in the 90s... kills me.

LD: im the wall, I AM THE WALL.

LD: look at my neat trick i learnt in gym glass the other day... now imagine me with no pants on right now.

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