28 November 2012

F*ed up Kicks.

teen mom shoes

Jeremy Scott made the ankle cuff and sneaker trend have babies

the fact this lady has fake toenails freaks me out. lets not even get started on the cankles..

just creepy.

spider womans shoe of choice?

pumped up kicks? why do i feel like they would be teamed with neon active wear (high cut leotards and bike pants) and be pumping salt n pepa

loafers. forever. don't eat carbs, WEAR them.

oh wait, lady gaga has already done these.

i actually like these Acne shoes... and wonder what their actual stability/walk ability would be.

this shouldn't have happened.

creepy as F*ck

Bart simson inspired?


i hate that these actually exist... and people wear them.

blow up doll ready for action.
Philo, i love you... but i hate feet.

comme des garcons had the idea before pheebs. love them both, but i still hate feet.

RIP McQueen you mad genius

see above. dont eat carbs wear them. nike collab with subway (from the future)

so photoshopped, but funny. the fishes face? and... what is it swimming in.

no. just no.


Whackkkky shoes.
i got sick of writing captions... but you get my drift.
is it wrong that i kinda want the gum shoes..  ??

images: all over the innernetz. (google images)

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