28 August 2012


 images via: a pair and a spare, pink horrorshow, afterdrk, tumblr + various other interior sites

So some of you may have wondered where we've been?
Well as you may remember a couple weeks back I posted that I was reluctantly relocating.
add to this the most crazy 2 months; including but not limited to holiday at the snow, a contemplated melbourne move, house hunting, shit packing, hair pulling, sleepless nights, ignorance, anger and guilt.

But finally things have settled, and the most perfect new home and office space for Stylist Own has been found.
we have been laying quite low on the surface this year since relocating back to Sydney,
but don't be fooled. big things are a coming... so keep your eyes peeled.

Anyways, as I have had zero internet connection for the last 2 weeks I am dying. 
as is my Telstra phone bill.
(hence the no posts. yes I have tried to upload 12+ photos while tethering... yes my phone bill is around the $600 mark.)
So I'm doing this from a internet cafe. yeah so 00's/English tourist of me.
photos of the new office space to come soon. promise.
So for now, I hope you enjoy the image spew of house inspiration that ive been hoarding. this is the one thing I do love about moving. My love for shoes goes on hold, and im suddenly more about pear scented candles, drapes, and throw blankets in a matching colour sceme to my pillows. 

now, do excuse me. I must go yell at TPG to hurry the F up with my internets.

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