29 June 2012


    Sarah Jessica Parker
    Photographer: "I'm sorry, but where the fuck did that bottle of Perrier just come from?"

    Ryan Gosling
   Photographer: "Didn't you see Garden State? It's cool, trust me. This look made Zach Braff go from a goofy television doctor to a goofy indie actor practically overnight."

 Photographer: "If you insist on demonstrating your new hobbies, Madge, must it be the one where you swallow and regurgitate your pet goldfish Timmy? All right, then let's at least have you pose out by the pool..."

 Thora Birch
Photographer: "Okay, Thora. I want you to stay still and pretend you're a blow-up sex doll."

  David Duchovny
Photographer: "Hi, David? I'm the photographer here for the Architectural Digest shoot — is this a bad time? Do you mind getting down from that spherical ball? Okay, um, we can reschedule, you have my card. By the way, GREAT pants."

 Jim Carey
Photographer: "Hi Jim, here's a stool."

 Cameron Diaz
Photographer: "Cameron, I want you to spread eagle on top of this stool ...but with your knees bent so we can keep it PG-13. But don't look like you think you look sexy right now, I want your face to look completely blasé. Magnificent!"

 Angelina jolie
Photographer: "Trust me, blue eye shadow NEVER goes out of style."

Sharon Stone
 Photographer: "A good hat, exposed shoulders, and mom jeans never go out of style... haven't you ever had Glamour Shots done before?"

 Heather Graham
Photographer: "I see a retro-futuristic version of Poison Ivy in you. Now lean up against that chain fence and run with it."

Julia Roberts
 Photographer: "Julia, you're gorgeous! The only thing that could make you sexier is a genie costume. Let's do this."

 Leonardo Dicaprio
Photographer: "Who's Beavis? I don't see the resemblance."

 Sarah Michelle Galler
Photographer: "Yes, I want everyone on this shoot shirtless and in overalls. Gay undertones? I don't see it."

 Melissa Joan Hart
Photographer: "Instead of curling your hair or crimping your hair, let's do a combination of both — but let's just do it to certain strands of your hair, not ALL of it."

 Will Smith
 Photographer: "We need more rings."

 Demi Moore
 hotographer: "Crimped hair and bows everywhere. Yeah, even the ears."

Tiffani Amber Theissen
Photographer: "It's a tasteful nude, out here in this field. But let's push the envelope just a tad by putting a dandelion in your teeth."

wow, so i lol-led a bit when i cam across these celebrity photoshoot fails.
why did everyone in the 90's have a middle name?

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  1. well i'm laughing out loud very hard right now. great post : )
    <3 theseunitedstatesofamericans

  2. ahh such a good post man.
    Thanks so much for all your sweet comments on wolfcub, means alot x

  3. OH MY GOSHHH this is great!! haha.