16 March 2012


so, ive been a bit absent with the blog... i apologise.
busy, overwhelmed, overworked etc.
Dont you ever get that feeling, and especially during fashion week ( month ) of an overwhelming influx of imagery and everyone posting the same thing! 
i feel bad posting something someone else has already posted 
(say, the latest editorial or lookbook for example)
so instead in a lame attempt at an update i have just image spewed a bunch of things from my
"should blog soon" folder, i also hoard said latest editorials and things i mean to blog but then forget about.... then feel as if they are old news.
im sorry, not very good at keeping a regular blogging schedule (yet).
but im sure you didnt need to hear another commentary on how amazing proenza was...
instead enjoy a bunch of imagery borrowed from various tumblrs and of course my secret addiction blog - wolfcub.

p.s you should totally follow stylists own on bloglovin', twitter, facebook, tumblr, or all of the above!

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