15 November 2011

tumblin' tumblin'

check out stylists own tumblr for more frequent image inspiration.
lately we've been loving lots of beachy shots, charlotte free, relaxed editorials, daisies, tinged hair, and a good dose of street style looks. its really worth a peek, if i do say so myself. ;)
plus, it has continuous scroll, no anoying auto playing dubstep, and your generally not greeted with a ton of "annon hater" or "how many followers do you have" teen tumblr drama.

and c'mon... who doesnt love a little tumblin' eh? eh?

(we all do, its evident in the names of about 80% of the pictures everyone posts... haha) 

p.s you should totally follow stylists own on bloglovin', twitter, facebook, tumblr, or all of the above!


  1. haha im on there a couple of times! so weird seeing your own face on Tumblr. really like it... yet another blog to stalk and waste my whole evenings on. thanks for that

  2. haha oh tumblr. its ridiculously addictive huh.
    i often find myself with like fifty new tabs open and at least 100+ new images on my desk top after a little sesh. and yes how weird is it (but slightly flattering) when you see yourself on there! haha